The Virtual Pop Orchestra

Tired of the same old same old? This is different.

Ever noticed how it's the middle aged bands that can do it and not the young lads?
This is very definitely middle aged in approach, written from that perspective.

Wondering if surely there must be more to music than mindless strumming and the same
few bars cranked round and round? There is. This is it.

This is not the product of music industry image consultants or hotshot gurus deciding what
you're going to like. It's completely off the wall. There really isn't anything else like it.

Apart from some guitar and most of the vocals, this is completely computer generated, but
it doesn't sound it. It isn't eighties style synths, a garage band or a guy with a keyboard.
It's the result of extensive sampling and reshaping of real instrument sounds.
Even by early 21st century standards, this is cutting edge.

There's only one human being involved.

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