Subscribing to VPO mailing list on ReverbNation.

This is annoyingly complicated. Sorry about that. It’s ReverbNation’s process, not mine. I've walked through it for you, and it goes like this.

1. Unless you have an existing ReverbNation or Facebook account (either will do), 
you need to set up a ReverbNation fan account first.

A. Go to the ReverbNation homepage at and click the blue Join For Free button.
B. On the Joint ReverbNation For Free page, enter your email address and any password you choose (which will be your login details for the new account) and click the light blue Join button.
C. On the Choose Your Account Type screen, click the Fan button.
D. On the Add Your Fan Details page, put a name in the top box (such as your first name) and select your gender. Click the Use location link (in blue about half way down). Enter the town or city you live in where it says City. From the How did you hear about us? drop down, select Artist. At the bottom, tick the “I agree to the terms and conditions” box. Don’t click anything else yet.
E. Now for the tricky bit. Just below where it now says Artist, there will be some wobbly letters and some ordinary ones. You need to type all these letters into the box underneath where it says text. If you can’t read them take your best guess at them. It will tell you if you get them wrong, and you should get another set to try. You need to keep trying until you get one of them right. (You might be able to click the blue arrows pointing round in a circle to change one set of letters into another set, but don’t count on it.)
F. Check your email. You should find that you have an email from ReverbNation with a link to click. It should say Welcome to ReverbNation at the top. Click Confirm Registration Now (probably an orange button).
G. At the Almost Done window that you should then get in your browser, you have another set of letters to copy. As previously, take your best guess at it. If it works you will get an Upload a New Image box.
H. You can upload a picture of yourself if you want. If you don’t, click the X in a circle (top right) which will take you to your new profile page.

2. Subscribe to the Virtual Pop Orchestra mailing list.

A. Near the top right, click the magnifying glass. A search box will open. Type Virtual Pop Orchestra, and press Enter or Return on your keyboard. I should be the first result.
B. Click the words Virtual Pop Orchestra in the search results list. You should see a picture of me, and below it two blue buttons. One will be Share, and the other will be Become A Fan.
C. Click the blue Become A Fan button. You should get a popup box telling you that you are now a fan of Virtual Pop Orchestra. Click either Close (to stop at that point) or Next (to send me a message).