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ORCHESTRATION SESSIONSCollection of instruments

This page lists orchestration sessions for VPO tracks, from shortly before work on Mustn't grumble started, up to and including That's odd. It does not explain how to orchestrate. For that, try
principles of orchestration or artistic orchestration. I may post some thoughts on this eventually.

For now I'll simply say very briefly that it usually goes something like this:
Details of later orchestration sessions were added directly to the master files. Some information taken from this will be included on the pages about the respective CDs.

This page lists orchestration-only sessions for VPO recordings, latest first. You'll find recording and editing sessions listed separately. Any of those sessions that also included orchestration won't be listed here.

The following sessions were for the CD That's odd.

21/9/12 - Meditating (now renamed Pondering). Used part of a section of it as an outro. Added fade. Done. And that should be all the material for That's odd.
20/9/12 - Meditating. This is nearing completion. There are lots of electric guitars and it sounds quite unlike me, but I like it.
19/9/12 - Meditating. I've added some beefed up guitar to this and it's sounding much harder-edged.
17/9/12 - Meditating. Started this but didn't get very far with it - some chord sequence and some tremelo guitar.

16/9/12 - Trellis. That's it - I think. Later parts of it sound better than the earlier ones, which is a little odd as they are actually simpler but made to sound more complicated than they actually are. Bounced.
15/9/12 - Trellis. Having return from Croatia I resumed work on this.  It is gradually getting there but my instinct is not to push it too much further.
3/9/12 - Trellis. I now have all three choirs as far out as I've got, but it still needs something else, probably a couple of sections in minor chords would help.
30/8/12 - Trellis. Still working on improving the three existing parts. Two of them are now sounding much better. I have about 1 minute 16 of this so far.
29/8/12 - Trellis. I wasn't happy with what I had as I felt it sounded to regimented and orderly. I wanted it to sound more like a stream of notes tumbling over each other so I started reworking it.
26-27/8/12 - Trellis. This is coming slowly, sometimes fluently, sometimes less so.
23/8/12 - Trellis. Started adding third part. This will end up being three choirs.
22/8/12 - Trellis.  One female part and one male. I intend adding a third part later.
20/8/12 - Trellis.  Extended the one female part. This is slowly coming. There will of course be more parts to it later.
19/8/12 - Trellis. Started with one female (synthesised) vocal. Not a lot of it yet.

18/8/12 - One over. Completed violin part, though am pondering whether to add to parts of it. This is either finished or very close.
17/8/12 - One over. Added violin part though haven't finished it. Straightened out cello which had got corupted due to not being marked no transpose.
9/8/12 - One over. Added more cello out to what seems to be the end of the piece at around four minutes.
8/8/12 - One over - after some experiments with guitars I've started adding a cello part to this.
6/8/12 - One over - now have about 64 bars with a reverse-engineered chord sequence. I deliberately haven't done any backing at all yet, just a solo piano.
4/8/12 - One over - so called as it's five beat bars. I have about a minute of piano for this and am still trying to sort out the chord sequence which I'm doing by reverse engineering a melodic line.

3/8/12 - Sleepy. Changed choir for a South African. Altered mix. Apparently finished, plus or minus further mix alterations such as automation.
2/8/12 - Sleepy. This is finally sounding much more like it. There are still mix issues, especially with the choir. It will be close to five minutes.
1/8/12 - Sleepy.  I now have about four minutes of this but not quite sure at the moment how to end it.
30/7/12 - Sleepy. Back into a reprise of the 'verse' but with variations.
29/7/12 - Sleepy. Extended into what is effectively a middle 8.
28/7/12 - Sleepy.  Added dobro. To be honest I wouldn't know a dobro if I fell over one; I gather it's some sort of guitary thing. There are also some quiet srings and two patterns of 8 bar chord sequence. It's sounding quite nice at the moment.
27/7/12 - Sleepy.  This started as a chord sequence and some acoustic guitar notes. It was getting quite late and I was half asleep so I called it sleepy.

23/7/12 - Cinematic transitions - completed.
22/7/12 - Cinematic transitions - this is slowly starting to take some sort of half way convincing shape. It will come out a little over four minutes. A lot of work on piano and strings.
20/7/12 - Cinematic transitions - short session adding a wee bit to the end of this.
19/7/12 - Cinematic transitions - I had to repair parts of this due to having forgotten to mark them no transposition resulting in them getting eaten by the chord sequence. After this I extended it to about two and a quarter minutes.
14/7/12 - Cinematic transitions - this is proving tricky to write because in a sense I've gone beyond this sort of writing. I have some orchestral plus strings and violins. It will be a while. No rush of course.

11/7/12 - Walking the frog. I wasn't entirely happy with this. I tightened the piano part and corrected some of it. I've also added sections at the end so it's now around four and a half  minutes. I've bounced this - it appears to be done.  My gut feeling is not to expand it any further than this.
9/7/12 - Walking the frog. I now have around three and a half minutes of piano and violins sounding really quite nice, dreamy and haunting. I may need to tweak the violin.
7/7/12 - Walking the frog. While watching Shakespeare (Henry IV part I before you don't ask) added strings and more sections. Now have this out to around 2 minutes 48 and it sounds lovely.
6/7/12 - Walking the frog. 32 (3 beat) bars of chord sequence and piano.

5/7/12 - Interlude. Plus or minus the odd remix, this is now done.
4/7/12 - Interlude. Now have the whole length of it which is around 2 minutes 50, but still needs the outro sorting out.

3/7/12 - Read the manual. Added lyric, hacked around some more which I guess is two and a half versions. Ready to record.
30/6/12 - Read the manual. Added bass, strings, trumpets. I now have about 47 seconds of this. (Later) added middle 8, now have about a minute and 19 seconds. I had to write some more lyric as it was missing a middle 8 lyric. It may also be two lines short at the end of the verses which would be a real nuisance to write. (Later still) Completed, apart from adding the lyrics to it. It took a while to understand why the verse didn't quite sound right. Once the penny dropped and I realised what I had to do suddenly it just sounded right.
29/6/12 - Read the manual. Banjo and guitar. Some vocal guide. Unfortunately it does look as though I will need to write a middle 8 lyric for this one.

28/6/12 - Interlude. Remixed by changing velocities. Some edits. I now have 40 bars of this plus chord sequence for another 16 bars. It sounds very nice.
27/6/12 - Interlude. Gradually working through this. It now includes violins. This will take a while.
26/6/12 - Interlude. I now have 24 bars (around 47 seconds at the current tempo - I may speed it up a bit) with cellos, trumpets, tubas and a piano. It's sounding classical, and quite nice.
25/6/12 - Interlude. This is an instrumental being orchestrated from scratch from a five note chord sequence.  I haven't got far with it yet. One day you'll understand. Very slight mix alteration.

24/6/12 - One day you'll understand. Added percussion and strings and (though I say it myself) a glorious string finish. Later added french horns and a piano, including a shortish intro. Sounds quite orchestral apart from the guitar. Ready to record.
23/6/12 - One day you'll understand. Two of three verses - vocal guide, chord sequence, two guitar parts based on chord sequence.

19/6/12 - The Englebert Humperdinckness of it all.  Added strings. Sorted out percussion EQ glitch. Ready to record.
17/6/12 - The Englebert Humperdinckness of it all. I how have guitar, vocal guide and drums all the way through, and it's sounding very good.
16/6/12 - The Englebert Humperdinckness of it all. Yes, this is a quite separate song, that in fact I had forgotten about. I had to work backwards as I already had a lot of the tune in my head, so I had to work out the key and chord sequence from that. It's coming, slowly.
12/6/12 - Englebert Humperdinck (or not). Added lyric and bass. Ready to record.
11/6/12 - Englebert Humperdinck (or not). This is now virtually complete except for the lyric not being added yet.
9/6/12 - Englebert Humperdinck (or not). I have one verse of this. It sounds quite good, pleasant, singalong.

7/6/12 - The elephant. Completed clarinet. Amended cello. This needs the lyric adding, otherwise it's pretty much ready.
6/6/12 - The elephant. Started adding clarinet. This still has a very classical feel - like chamber music.
4/6/12 - The elephant. The basic orchestration of this is getting quite close to completion. It's a piano based piece with a strong classical flavour. The lyric is being hacked around quite a lot to sort out the stressing. It's likely to be quite short, possibly around two and a half minutes. (Later) added cello part.
3/6/12 - The elephant. This is coming slowly, just with a piano at the moment, but I have had problems with the lyric, especially the irregular structure and the long lines.

2/6/12 - Contemplating the void. Added trumpet part. Changed parts of the percussion line. Added sound effect at the end. This is sounded very close and could be recorded now. (Later) spend quite a lot time mixing this. Now it sounds right. Ready to record.
1/6/12 - Contemplating the void. Now have something all the way through. Have added lyric. This is nearing completion.
31/5/12 - Contemplating the void. A lot of work on this including scrapping the sand rabab and adding a lot more Greek stuff means it's creeping fairly close to the end, but it's been quite hard to get it all right.
30/5/12 - Contemplating the void. Now have just over a minute of this plus another 8 bars of chord sequence beyond that. It's sounding interesting.
29/5/12 - Contemplating the void. Finally some progress, though only a few lines' worth.
26/5/12 - Contemplating the void. Didn't get further than ten bars of chord sequence as I spent a lot of time going through audio loops and bookmarking promising ones.

25/5/12 - The $15m duck. Added four bars of guitar and harmonica in the middle. This caused a certain amount of grief, but I got it straight.
23/5/12 - The $15m duck. Done, ready to record.
22/5/12 - The $15m duck. I finally feel I'm getting to grips with this. I have most of it bar the outro, and the stressing now sounds right. The mix is also a lot better.
21/5/12 - The $15m duck. Added percussion, sorted out stressing and spent some while pondering on one of the guitars only to leave it more or less where it was.
20/5/12 - The $15m duck. This started off as a smaller amount of money but got promoted due to stressing reasons. Would you believe there is lots of hard edged guitar in this, quite unlike me. In the first session I got an intro and one verse, but there were stressing issues.

19/5/12 - Answers on a postcard. Completed adding the lyric although it got hacked around in places to improve the stressing.  Ready to record.
18/5/12 - Answers on a postcard. A lot of work on this including adding a cello part means it's nearly ready to record.
17/5/12 - Answers on a postcard. It took a bit of doing, but I now have a good idea of how this goes. It shouldn't take all that much longer to be ready to record it.
16/5/12 - Answers on a postcard.  I have about 37 seconds of this and it sounds very nice so far.

14/5/12 - Every minute. Completed, ready to record, including the vocal though I had to tweak it a bit to weed out some stressing issues. I might slow it down a touch when I record it.
10/5/12 - Every minute. Added counterpoint i.e. Erhu and eastern (synthesised) vocal. This is close to completion.
9/5/12 - Every minute. Preliminary work on this done very quickly with two mandolins and a vocal guide.

8/5/12 - All I ever wanted. This is ready to record. Admittedly the gospel choir may be a bit over the top. Not 100% sure about the guitar in the middle 8 so it may get changed later.
7(?)/5/12 - All I ever wanted. It took a bit of doing as I've had to sort of work backwards from the tune in my head to figure out the right chord sequence, but I now have the chorus as well. This basically just leaves the middle 8.
6/5/12 - All I ever wanted. This has been going round and round in my head for four years. What I have for verse 1 is close to what I have been hearing, though I can't get it exact as my vocal range isn't wide enough.

3/5/12 - Stick insect blues. Lyric added. Alterations to violin part. Minor mix alterations. Ready to record.
2/5/12 - Stick insect blues. Now ready to have the lyric added. Sounds nice, but odd.
1/5/12 - Stick insect blues. One verse to go. Am pondering on whether to change tack in the last verse.
30/4/12 - Stick insect blues. I now have something all the way through but still need to work on the piano part and details of the later orchestration.
25/4/12 - Stick insect blues. Added part of verse three which is minor chords. That is, I have the chord sequence and two guitars, but not other instruments or a vocal guide.
24/4/12 - Stick insect blues. Two verses out of five. Have added a piano and a violin. The piano was a guitar , then a piano, then a harpsichord, then back to a piano again. The middle verse has to be minor chords I think, then back to majors for the last two.
23/4/12 - Stick insect blues. I now have one verse of this (out of 5). Sounds quiet and quite pretty.

20/4/12 - Er. I wasn't happy with this, though it sounded complete - so I saved it as version one and then proceeded to scrap or rewrite much of the first 23 bars.  I also amended the outro. It now sounds better, more like I intended.
18/4/12 - Er. Completed orchestration, though I may change some of it later. It's an odd mix, starting orchestral and suddenly switching to electric guitars.
16/4/12 - Er. A lot of work on guitars and vocals mean that this section and the initial orchestral one both sound good. However the snag is that the vocal parts aren't consistent - they're slightly different even though the chord sequence is technically the same.
15/4/12 - Er. An abrupt change of tack at the end of chorus 1 - enter electric guitars and a drum kit. Blame the film Elvis - that's the way it is, which I had watched on TV very shortly before.
14/4/12 - Er.  I now have a verse and a chorus, with a cello, clarinet, trombone and a vocal guide.
12/4/12 - Er. Short section of cello.

11/4/12 - Funny. Minor alterations on drum and guitar parts. Er. Part of chord sequence.
10/4/12 - Funny. Added cello. Tweaked vocal guide slightly.
9/4/12 - Funny.  I have the whole lot though may need more instruments. It sounds quite pretty. The lyric has been added, it's ready to record.
8/4/12 - Funny. Now have one verse and one chorus. I had one or two niggly problems with chord transpositions, but nothing major. (Later:)
I now have most of this though bits of it sound as if they need tweaking. Some of it sounds very pretty.
7/4/12 - Funny. I have one verse of this. I started orchestrating the same day I wrote it.

6/4/12 - Yoghurt as meditation. Completed, will be around two minutes including the fade.
5/4/12 - Yoghurt as meditation. I have just over a minute of this. It's going to be short, but it's a real cracker, an absolute corker.

4/4/12 - What it feels like. Although I didn't change any of the orchestration, I did hack some of the lyrics around to get the stressing right. This is a rhythm thing - the pacing of the thing has to feel write, and as I originally wrote it, it didn't.
3/4/12 - What it feels like. Improved the electric guitar part. After trying a lot of things instead of a trumpet for now have settled for a choir with a reworked part. This is missing the lyric on the vocal guide, other than that it's ready to record.
2/4/12 - What it feels like. Extended this out to the end of chorus 3; also amended the vocal guide as bits of it didn't quite sound right. It's still missing an outro, and the trumpet doesn't quite sound right, but it's close to being ready to record.
1/4/12 - What it feels like. I now have around two minutes of this, out to the end of chorus 2. It is sounding, erm, odd, but then that is the general idea. The trumpet part may need reworking in places.
31/3/12 - What it feels like. This is steadily getting better. I have a good feeling about it. Worked on verse 1 and chorus 1 and started on verse 2.
30/3/12 - What it feels like. I have over a minute, out to the end of chorus 1. The chorus sounds absolutely fabulous, really fantastic. Not as sure about the verse.

29/3/12 - Arabian circles. I'd had the nagging feeling that this didn't quite sound right, but it took a while before I realised that it was because the first and third sections weren't resolving on B flat which they should have. I fixed this, and also did some remixing and added an erhu. This is now ready to record.
28/3/12 - Arabian circles. I now have the whole lot right through. It appears to be ready to record although it could probably stand a remix.
27/3/12 - Arabian circles. Completed vocal guide for section 2; started section 3.
26/3/12 - Arabian circles. Some of the vocal guide. Some of the second section.
25/3/12 - Arabian circles. Preliminary work on this, although it's sounding more like Indian circles at the moment.... quite nice though.

22/3/12 - Voices. A lot of work on section 2 has got me a rough cut which I have uploaded... though it still needs a lot of editing.
21/3/12 - Voices. I now have something all the way through this but one section of it doesn't sound right, and it also needs a lot of remixing.
20/3/12 - Voices. Long struggle with this one until I realised I had forgotten to extend and apply the chord sequence, and then it all fell into place. Now have somewhere over two minutes of it. It seems to be close to completion.
18/3/12 - Voices. Added more vocals, percussion and a sand rabab. I have around a minute of this, and it sounds good so far, albeit odd.
17/3/12 - Voices. I started with the odd key of F Prometheus and started tinkering to see what chords I could make. After a time I made 16 bars of a chord sequence and started adding vocal loops.

The following sessions were for the CD Mortality.

29/10/11 - The hell of it. Took the strings out, extended the end of it, added a very short intro, it sounds done. And that should be that for Mortality.... editing next.
28/10/11 - The hell of it. More grappling with this including the string part.
26/10/11 - The hell of it. Still working on this including what looks like being the outro.
25/10/11 - The hell of it. This is sounding a lot better. Still not entirely convinced about the beginning.
24/10/11 - The hell of it. Adding exotic section to follow the banjos (yes, I know.... weird).
23/10/11 - The hell of it. Not sure what will come of this, but, well, I'm doing it for the hell of it.

22/10/11 - Time out. Altered piano part including adding tremelo. Bar later edits I believe this is it.
20/10/11 - Time out. Added cello. Altered other parts. This is now sounding finished.
19/10/11 - Time out. I now have this all the way through but it needs more instruments at the moment.
11/10/11 - Time out. Adding more piano plus some Koto. It's sounding good. I'm out to somewhere around three minutes.
9/10/11 - Time out. Working on synthesised vocals. Still a long way to go.
7/10/11 - Time out. Added more piano and synthesised vocals. Still a long way to go but coming on nicely.
6/10/11 - Time out. This was sort of by request, as Steam seems to have gone down well. It's coming on nicely - though at the moment only a piano and a sound recording with effects.

5/10/11 - Death. Completed (for now)... finally. Mastered; uploaded to N.O.M.
3/10/11 - Death.  This is somewhere around two and a half to three minutes and has ascended into the hereafter which sounds suitably strange. Coming along nicely.
1/10/11 - Death. Added to current last section. I now have about two minutes of this but with parts of it missing.
29/9/11 - Death. This is coming very slowly. Trumpets, French horns, quite a bit of guitar. One minute 23 seconds.
28/9/11 - Death. I now have around a minute of something but there is obviously lots more to go on it.
26/9/11 - Death. This is the last one that has to go on. I have about 36 seconds of something or other, a chord sequence and electric piano.

24/9/11 - Follow the crowd. Well, I have something, apparently all the way to the end, but I'm not sure if it's finished yet.
20/9/11 - Follow the crowd. Added a somewhat distorted trumpet. Now have two verses and choruses and a chord sequence for a middle 8. (Later) completed expanded middle 8.
19/9/11 - Follow the crowd. Initial experiments with two distortion guitars and a piano. I got about 30 seconds of it.

18/9/11 - Life. Finally finished this; it's just over three and a half minutes. It's odd, but that's me for you.
17/9/11 - Life. Have this apparently all the way out to the end but it's still missing one or two bits like some more bassoon. The heavily distorted electric guitar sounds great.
16/9/11 - Life. Now have this out to around three minutes and though I say it myself it is starting to sound seriously good. There's probably going to be something like another two minutes of it.
13/9/11 - Life. Added more of it including distortion guitar which makes this a very unorthodox of strongly orchestral elements and a more pop orientated contemporary type sound. Now at around 2 minutes 37 seconds.
12/9/11 - Life. After a long struggle with the middle section it now sounds right. I now have about two and a quarter minutes plus or minus a bit of mixing.
11/9/11 - Life. Reworked guitar part again, changed effects. Now sounds quite interesting, although there's a section now in the middle of what I had that I'm not happy with.
10/9/11 - Life. Adding instruments.  Reworking guitar part. Now have a lot of this out to close to two minutes.
6/9/11 - Life. This is sounding very grand and orchestral, timpani, bassoon, clarinet, quite unlike anything else I've written. I have just over a minute of it.
31/8/11 - Life. Working on first part of this, adding more instruments.
30/8/11 - Life. Adding instruments but still an awfully long way to go.
29/8/11 - Life. Very quick start to this.

26/8/11 - Steam. Added oboe. Complete. Mastered.
23/8/11 - Steam. Added piano.
22/8/11 - Steam. Completed strings and guitar. Have whole length of it (around four minutes) but needs more instruments.
21/8/11 - Steam. Initial edit of location sound recording (made at the Bluebell Line on 20th August), effects on sound recording, strings on first two minutes or so. This is a similar sort of approach to Beach Sounds, although the more industrial and less natural setting makes it feel more radical.

18/8/11 - Angel. Added trumpet, changed effects. Completed.
17/8/11 - Angel.  Mandolin part sounds complete, although it doesn't include the bridge.
16/8/11 - Angel. Slowly & painfully adding chord global track and mandolin.
13/8/11 - Angel. Adapting what would have been a commercial project (Angel in the sky) as an instrumental. Changed vocal to a guitar. Started adding strings.

12/8/11 - Now. Added second piano and fade-out. It's ready, but will probably get more added to it during editing.
10/8/11 - Now. Have the whole lot all the way to the end including the lyric. It can be recorded now but probably needs more backing.
9/8/11 - Now. Added mandolin, worked on effects, extended to end of middle eight.
1/8/11 - Now.  Initial sketches - I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do with this.

29/7/11 - Baldalay. Completed, apart from lyric which needs adding to the vocal guide part.
26/7/11 - Baldalay. Added sitar.
25/7/11 - Baldalay. Completed guitar up to but not including middle 8; added rabab.
23/7/11 - Baldalay. Adding guitar and drums.
22/7/11 - Baldalay. Part of chord sequence. Part of vocal guide.

19/7/11 - Farewell.  Added piano. This looks read to record plus or minus the odd tweak on the vocal guide.
18/7/11 - Farewell. Added viola and choir. Added lyric to vocal guide.
17/7/11 - Farewell. Added cello.
16/7/11 - Farewell. Now have chord sequence and vocal guide all the way through up to but not including the outro. Also added guitar and it sounds really gorgeous.
15/7/11 - Farewell. Initial sketches - the start of the chord sequence, and the start of the vocal guide.

12/7/11 - Lifetime. This is now more or less ready give or take the odd tweak. The middle 8 turned out to be in the key of C Mixolydian, which I'd never even heard of.
11/7/11 - Lifetime. Adding strings (incomplete at the moment).
10/7/11 - Lifetime. Added erhu and bongo/conga parts, have some of a sitar bassline.
9/7/11 - Lifetime. Now have chord sequence and vocal guide all the way through except the outro, but having problems finding something suitable to back it with.
8/7/11 - Lifetime. Chorus. Still only vocal guide and chord sequence.
7/7/11 - Lifetime. First verse - chord sequence and vocal guide.

5/7/11 - Time passing backwards.  Another wrestle and it was mostly straight except for bits of organ and the outro. Later I finished it. It's ready to record.
4/7/11 - Time passing backwards. Difficult session due to issues with transpositions, in which the chord sequence track, erm, ate itself. Nearly got it straight by the time I went to bed.
3/7/11 - Time passing backwards. Added 2nd guitar and bassy organ to first verse. Sounding better, more organised and meant, less haphazard. Still needs more chords for the chorus section.
2/7/11 - Time passing backwards. First verse  - that is, just under a quarter of the running time. This is the first song explicitly based on a chord sequence which I sat down and wrote as a sequence of chords. Not sure what I make of it, though so far I do like the chord sequence.

1/7/11 - Ghosts. Completed viola part. Ready to record.
30/6/11 - Ghosts. Working on viola part. Still has a chamber music feel to it - it's a trio with a vocal in fact.
28/6/11 - Ghosts. Completed piano part, started on cello part. Sounds intricate with a very classical, chamber music type feel to it.
27/6/11 - Ghosts. Vocal and piano part. Have most of this, although annoyingly I had to change one part for some reason that wasn't obvious.

26/6/11 - Killing time. Frantic last minute session just before recording. Ghosts. Very early piano sketches.
25/6/11 - Killing time. Added a harp, although it may not stay a harp. This can now be recorded.
24/6/11 - Killing time. Completed cello, started adding a piano.
21/6/11 - Killing time. Slowly adding what's turned out to be a cello part.
20/6/11 - Killing time. Now have something all the way through, though still only a clavichord backing.
18/6/11 - Killing time. Making slow progress with the middle 8.
17/6/11 - Killing time. After a lot of pondering I went for a Clavichord for this and got to the end of the first verse.

16/6/11 - Say goodbye. Completed, ready to record, though will be difficult in the middle section and I may well have to double track it.

12/6/11 - Angel in the sky.  Completed, ready to record.
11/6/11 - Angel in the sky.  Chorus, half the middle 8. When I've done the other half I've basically got it apart from the outro.

10/6/11 - Say goodbye. Added exotic middle 8 and hybrid final sections. Now have most of this. Angel in the sky. This isn't my lyric - it will be a commercial project if it happens. Have intro and verse.
9/6/11 - Say goodbye. Now have this up to but not including the middle 8.
7/6/11 - Say goodbye. Added various exotic things to backing. I am now pretty sure of the structure, and most of the writing of the actual tune is therefore done, except for the middle 8.
6/6/11 - Say goodbye. Making slow progress on this, although there may be an issue either with the sequence or the structure.
5/6/11 - Say goodbye. An intro and four lines, but it does sound very pretty.

3/6/11 - Intimations of mortality. I still wasn't happy with the rhythm of the vocal, so I edited some of the lyric and some of the melodic line, and it now sounds much better.
2/6/11 - Intimations of mortality. Changed part of the backing to the first section, which now sounds a lot better.
1/6/11 - Intimations of mortality. Added more to the earlier section.
31/5/11 - Intimations of mortality. Vocal guide alterations. Close to being ready to record, although earlier section needs alterations.
30/5/11 - Intimations of mortality. This is now close to completion. Lyric still needs adding.
28/5/11 - Intimations of mortality.  Very prelimnary searches for sounds, haven't got very far yet.... later added a lot more.

26/5/11 - I guess I changed my mind.  Removed drums, added piano. This is likely to be ready to record.
25/5/11 - I guess I changed my mind. I now have this all the way through but something is missing.
24/5/11 - I guess I changed my mind. Added guitar, French Horn (after trying a few other things), choir, strings. I have this to about the beginning of the middle 8. It sounds unusual but quite pretty.
23/5/11 - I guess I changed my mind. Very preliminary, a few bars only.

22/5/11 - The sailor. Added cello. This sounded so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes listening to it. Later added flute and guitar. Ready to record.
21/5/11 - The sailor. I have something all the way through, except the outro. Needs more instruments, possibly cello and violin.

20/5/11 - Sin at speed. Added backing vocal, changed guitars in the last verse, added claps in the last verse, analysed keys. Ready to record.
16/5/11 - Sin at speed. Added middle 8.

15/5/11 - Catholic shame. Added strings.  This was in the morning; I recorded it the same afternoon. Sin at speed. Got quite a long way with this. It's still an experiment in chord changes, this time using augmented chords.
12/5/11 - Catholic shame. I now appear to have the whole lot, though I suspect there will end up being more instrument tracks on it. It's yet another oddity, switching tack as it does part way through. Apparently ready to record.
11/5/11 - Catholic shame. I have a very short intro, verse 1, chorus 1, middle 8. Lots of hard electric guitar and drums.
10/5/11 - Catholic shame. Now have something up as far as the middle 8. Very aggressive, lots of hard drums and guitar.
9/5/11 - Catholic shame. Started off on this one with some aggressive electric guitar. This does feel like an angry lyric to me. At the moment it's missing an intro.

2/5/11 (May Day) - Old - Piano. Completed, anything else would be superfluous.
1/5/11 - Old - Added another guitar, spent a while on this even though it will be practically inaudible. This is ready to record although I still have a feeling I should add more to it.
30/4/11 - Old - I spent a long time wrestling with this to get the chord changes right. After a lot of work it is now sounding a lot better although it still needs some stressing sorted and more instruments adding.

29/4/11 (Royal Wedding day) - Memories are gold - added piano and flute. Old - got most of this though it's really an experiment in transposition using chords.
28/4/11 - Memories are gold - added lute and drums.
27/4/11 - Memories are gold - completed choir part, although with pauses. Not now sure if all voices will be viable.
26/4/11 - Memories are gold - now have something all the way through, backed at the moment only by backing vocals. Sounds odd by my standards; not unpleasant, just odd.
25/4/11 (Easter Monday) - Memories are gold - started on this including backing vocals, a verse and half a chorus.

22/4/11 (yes, Good Friday) - Dig those crazy climate change email blues - stressing changes, minor melody changes, added trumpet, changed percussion in a short section of it. This sound really beautiful.
21/4/11 - Dig those crazy climate change email blues - added lyric and short break in the middle. Some tweaking still seems to be needed to the vocal rhythm.
20/4/11 - Dig those crazy climate change email blues - now seem to have the whole lot bar the odd tweak. Needs lyric adding, otherwise seems ready to record.
18/4/11 - Dig those crazy climate change email blues - added what passes for a middle 8, worked on the choir part. Later added the second half, so I have something all the way through except for the outro. Still sounds very nice.
17/4/11 - Dig those crazy climate change email blues - this is coming along famously. It needs a variation in the vocal in the third verse, but other than that a lot of the writing is actually done. It's possible that this will be recorded on Good Friday.
16/4/11 - Dig those crazy climate change email blues - I now have 12 bars. Two thirds of it is F# major, the other (middle) third (of each three bar group) is Bb minor.  I'll need to use the 12 bar loop for the verses.
15/4/11 - Dig those crazy climate change email blues - I now have an eight bar section that seems to have come out in two keys, one for the first four and one for the second, though I'm not quite sure which key one of them is yet as I don't have enough notes to know. It sounds very pretty.
14/4/11 - Dig those crazy climate change email blues - preliminary twiddling.

The following sessions were for the CD Abstracts.

5/12/10 - Farewell words. Added choir (yes, really); spent some time setting up suitable effects for it. That should be it for abstracts, unless I write replacement tracks for any I'm not happy with (like Trying, for instance).
2/12/10 - Farewell words. Added more guitar and some bass, plus the lyric. Bits of lyric still look as if they could stand being tweaked, other than that, I think it is done.
1/12/10 - Farewell words. This is very close to being done. It is very hard edged with heavy electric guitars. I've never done anything like it before.
30/11/10 - Farewell words. This was going to be a soft focus tear jerker, but when it came to adding other parts to it, I just basically didn't want to do that. This may be because I feel differently than I did when I wrote the lyric. Suffice to say what there is so far, maybe a bit over a third of it, now has a harder edge to the sound.
28/11/10 - Farewell words. Still collecting elements for this. Have some piano that sounds quite pretty, and an intro of sorts.

27/11/10 - Don't blame me.  I wasn't sure it was quite finished, so I added to one of the guitar parts, then added an organ and some strings, although I tried to be selective and restrained about how I used the strings. I also hopefully fixed mixing issues. It appears to be ready to record.
23/11/10 - Don't blame me. This can be recorded now, the whole length is there... but I'm not sure if I'm happy with it.
22/11/10 - Don't blame me. Well, this turned out a bit differently than I expected.... because I decided that it was fundamentally a cheery song, at least for the character singing it, and that I should orchestrate it in a cheery way. I now have most of it, nearly all of it in fact.

21/11/10 - Your own way. Spend over three hours working on this, then the laptop locked up and I lost the lot. I was up until one in the morning, but I did finish it ready to record the next day.
18/11/10 - Your own way. I still had some of this in my head from when I wrote the lyric in September. I started with the vocal, but had to move it to get it into the right range,  after which it turned out to be in C major. Spent some while pondering on instruments.  As this is 3/4 time I used a walz bassline but it ended up on a classical guitar. I added a piano on the offbeat later. It also has strings which I am less sure about. It's about 65 beats a minute which makes it the slowest music I've written.

13/11/10 - Eastern mist.  This now has some flutes but otherwise is purely loops and effects. Completed apart from more harmonic vocals - the vocals on this already are also loops.
12/11/10 - Eastern mist. Long session putting loops together and playing with effects.
11/11/10 - Eastern mist. Collecting loops and sounds. This really started just as experimenting with loops.

9/11/10 - Do you? More piano. Further changes to lute effects. Some strings changes. Completed, ready to record.
7/11/10 - Do you? Some remixing. Alteration to piano part to stop vocal sounding out of step.
5/11/10 - Do you? Added lyric to vocal guide.
3/11/10 - Do you? Changed bassline yet again. Added second guitar.  Getting there.
1/11/10 - Do you? Changed bassline again, filled out piano part to the end. Two problems - bassline sound, and parts of the guitar sound too busy.
31/10/10 - Do you? Added piano. Now have something all the way through but something doesn't quite feel right.
26/10/10 - Do you? I'm now happy with most of the acoustic guitar but have been experimenting with different basslines. This is now starting to approach completion. Strong possibility for last track on the CD.
25/10/10 - Do you? The acoustic guitar is the main issue on this one. It's still very busy and I have to decide at some point if that is right for the song. I'm sticking with it at the moment.
24/10/10 - Do you? A very brief go at this, concentrating on the guitar.
18/10/10 - Do you? Still working on sounds, though now have something like a fifth of it.
17/10/10 - Do you? Collecting sounds, working on intro and first verse. Gradually making progress.

12/10/10 - Buzz me. I've redone the drums, and it sounds much better.
11/10/10 - Buzz me. Done, except that I'm not entirely happy with the drums.
2/10/10 - Buzz me. This is now nearing completion.
29/9/10 - Buzz me. I've finally managed to put a full stop at the end of this. I'm adding a piano.
28/9/10 - Buzz me.  Have nearly four minutes of it. It sounds great, but I need to move it to a close, and at the moment not quite sure how I'll do that.
27/9/10 - Buzz me. Now have just over three minutes. It sounds like it needs a few rough edges smoothing off it here and there. I'm not quite sure where it's ultimately going but I'll find out.
21/9/10 - Buzz me. A little more. I'm cautiously doing bits of this now and then. I have perhaps two and a quarter minutes of it.
16/9/10 - Buzz me. After a long hiatus for personal reasons, went back to this. Added strings as well as extending it. Now have much it to around two minutes. 
20/8/10 - Buzz me. Getting there slowly. Have a minute and a half to two minutes.
17/8/10 - Buzz me. Working with sounds and effects. This is now sounding much better.
16/8/10 - Buzz me. Added another instrument part for this. I'm still getting the hang of the vocoder synth.  That is, used purely as a synth. Goodness knows what vocoding is when it's at home.
15/8/10 - Buzz me. Effects. Orchestration. I now have something out to nearly a minute. It's sounding better than it was but still needs more instruments.

14/8/10 - Bittersweet. Remixed backing. It now has an oboe as well as a flute and is ready to record. Buzz me. Collecting sounds and rhythms.
12-13/8/10 - Bittersweet. I have been ill during this time. I nibbled at this track as and when I felt well enough, ditching the intro from the old version and adding a new one, as well as a flute part. This is now ready to record, although I may still add more orchestration to it. I think I'll postpone recording the vocal until I feel better though.
10/8/10 - Bittersweet. Drastic rewrite in progress, and the rewritten bits are sounding much better, which is nice because this song particularly deserves it. [Later] now have guitar, strings, piano and vocal guide out to about a minute.
9/8/10 - Bittersweet. Have got quite a long way with this, and it will obviously work the way I'm doing it, but I'm somehow not entirely convinced.

8/8/10 - Just noodling. Completed.
7/8/10 - Just noodling. Experimenting with loops. This is a gentle guitary pianoy sort of thing.  I've actually got most of it from loops and added strings, and effects of course. Will probably add more later.

6/8/10 - Synthetic lines. This is now getting quite close.  The sound is quite untypical of me, but the way it's written isn't. [later] Completed. For now.
5/8/10 - Synthetic lines. Effects, a little orchestration.
4/8/10 - Synthetic lines. Now have this out to about a minute and to me it sounds really good.
2/8/10 - Synthetic lines. Collecting sounds.

25/7/10 - Sweeping up. Added another instrument from a prerecorded loop. It does now sound finished except for some reverb needing fading out at the end.
24/7/10 - Sweeping up. Adding extra instrument part - a sort of fake synthy guitar.
22/7/10 - Sweeping up. Now have the full length of it but still doing one of the instrument parts. It will be around two minutes long. It's hard and fast with sweeping stringlike synth sounds.
21/7/10 - Sweeping up. This is coming slowly. I now have about a minute of partial backing.
20/7/10 - Sweeping up. This time a poly synth using pre-recorded drum loops. Collecting sounds and rhythms.

19/7/10 - The tune.  Went through the vocal amending the stressing, including altering the syllables so that short notes got short syllables etc. It will still be tricky to get the breath control right, and it is a strange sort of song, but there we are.
18/7/10 - The tune. Went through all the parts sorting out the rhythm and stressing. Now sounds much better, very orchestral, with the oboe lending it an almost classical flavour in places. Still needs lyric adding to vocal guide, then it will be ready to record. Some suggestion there may be an issue with the compression on the output, but that can be sorted out later.
17/7/10 - The tune. Added guitar and oboe.
16/7/10 - The tune. Still working on the piano part.
12/7/10 - The tune.  Did a lot of work on the piano part. This is gradually taking shape but the earlier parts of it may now need to be redone.
11/7/10 - The tune. Slowly piecing this together based on piano loops. This is not going to be quick.
8/7/10 - The tune. Very slowly coming together. Not quite how I imagined, it's brisker, but there you go. What isn't going on. Long go at sorting out the stressing. This now appears to be ready to record.
7/7/10 - The tune. This is really a dig at my mum who will probably never hear it. It will have lyrics. Collecting sounds and loops.

30/6/10 - What isn't going on. This is nearing completion. Still needs the lyrics adding in to the score view. Current running time just over three minutes.
28-9/6/10 - What isn't going on.  This is sounding oriental with western percussion, exotic. It's sounding really fantastic in fact. I have somewhere around half the lyric in it, it'll probably finish up somewhere around two and a half minutes.
27/6/10 - What isn't going on. This will have a vocal (shock, horror). Collecting sounds.

26/6/10 - The bass place.  Completed, uploaded to MySpace. Just under four minutes. Certainly unusual, but that's fine.
25/6/10 - The bass place. This is now up to around 3 minutes 15 and sounds fascinating. It's in the last section so possibly looking at around four minutes.
24/6/10 - The bass place. Short session while quarter watching Japan play Denmark in the world cup. This is moving towards being finished, though it still needs a last section to wind it up.
21/6/10 - The bass place. This is sounding better and better. I now have around two minutes of it.
20/6/10 - The bass place. After a lot of fiddling including some drum edits, this is finally starting to sound right. Have about a minute and a half of it.
16/6/10 - The bass place. Another wee noodle. Not sure if I should add strings to this.
15/6/10 - The bass place. Back to this after a holiday break. It's coming on famously, although possibly in danger of sounding a wee bit bland.
1/6/10 - The bass place. Now have enough sounds at least for now, and around 40 seconds of something.
31/5/10 - The bass place. Still collecting sounds. I have a kind of weird organ here that sounds like something out of Dr Who.
27/5/10 - The bass place. Still collecting sounds. This is gradually coming together.
26/5/10 - The bass place. Another experiment, this time with a mono synth that seems to do a lot of bassy sounds,  so it'll be erm bassy. Collecting sounds.

22/5/10 - Getting together. Minor tinkering, minor mixing, bounced the first version of it though some of it near the end appears to need changing. This makes 8 tracks 28 minutes.
17/5/10 - Getting together.  Have the whole thing, have straightened out the end, may now be complete in draft form.
16/5/10 - Getting together.  Getting there slowly.
11/5/10 - Getting together. I have what appears to be the whole length but plenty of orchestration still to be done on the last section.
10/5/10 - Getting together. Now have around two and a half minutes including some reverby trumpet.
8/5/10 - Getting together.  Adding another synth track which started out brassy but doesn't sound that now. Now have this out to about a minute and a half.
29/4/10 - Getting together. Have it out to a little over a minute, it's sounding good. Still collecting sounds.
28/4/10 - Getting together. Still collecting sounds.
26/4/10 - Getting together. An experiment with the ensemble synth, hence the name. Sorting sounds, working out basic blocks, haven't got very far yet.

25/4/10 - Get down (to the doctor). Long session in the morning and a tweak later. Have added the seemingly compulsory strings as well as a guitar, plus put a compressor on stereo out. Now sounding much better, very hard edged, not my usual style at all. Ready to record.
24/4/10 - Get down (to the doctor). I now have something all the way through, and it is sounding better. I could record now, but I'm not entirely happy with it and there isn't any rush so I'll probably tinker with it some more and record in a couple of weeks or so.
23/4/10 - Get down (to the doctor). Inserted missing lyric sections and corrected some sections of the melodic line of the lyric which were a semitone out. Now sounding much better.
22/4/10 - Get down (to the doctor). Longish noodle while watching the political debate on telly. Something about it didn't quite sound right though.
19/4/10 - Get down (to the doctor).  I hadn't actually intended using this one in this collection, but the sort of feel it has is right.

21/4/10 - Trying. Changed piano to electric piano and it finally sounded something like right.
18/4/10 - Trying. This is done, for now. Something tells me it may need careful editing. I don't feel as comfortable with it as I did with some of the others. Hmmm.
15/4/10 - Trying. Adding trumpets.
14/4/10 - Trying.  Now have this up to about two and a half minutes.
12/4/10 - Trying. Still adding synthy twangs. It seems to be taking an awful lot of writing to fill this one up somehow?
11/4/10 - Trying. This song is living up to its name. Technical problems, so back to a piano. Still adding synthy twangs.
10/4/10 - Trying. Long session. Have changed the piano to a tango accordion and started adding a synthy twang. Still coming, slowly.
9/4/10 - Trying. A wee noodle. It is coming, slowly. Not entirely sure about the (presently effects laden) piano.
8/4/10 - Trying. Now have piano and some strings out to around two minutes. May not have quite the right plaintive tone yet.
7/4/10 - Trying. This started as a piano piece loosely derived from an earlier song.  I didn't get very far with it on the first session.

26/3/10 - I was just thinking. Finished. For now. Bits of it still need fine tuning. May still change the guitar again.
25.3.10 - I was just thinking. This is now close to completion, but bits of guitar don't sound quite right.
24/3/10 - I was just thinking. I now have this out to around 4 minutes which seems to be the full length of it, but there is a lot of tidying up to do by the sounds of it.
23/3/10 - I was just thinking. I have this out to around 1 minute 45. Starting to sound quite good.
22/3/10 - I was just thinking.  This is a quiet slow dreamy sort of piece. Still in it's early stages.

21/3/10 - Cedric... shut up. After a lot of work including a bit of a nightmare mixing it, I now have a working version of this one. Total of eight instruments including a cathedral organ.
18/3/10 - Cedric... shut up. Now have this with up to 7 instruments at any one time, out to two minutes twelve seconds.
17/3/10 - Cedric... shut up. This has now acquired a tabla and a sitar following my investing in the world music jam pack.
15-16/3/10 - Cedric... shut up. This has been taking shape with various instruments some of which don't actually exist - a beeble for instance. Although I have a concept for it I'm still not sure how I'll implement it.
14/3/10 - Cedric... shut up.  Early stages of this, finding the right sounds and so forth.

12/3/10 - The colour red. Completed working version of this, uploaded to MySpace.
10/3/10 - The colour red.  Early attempts to collect instruments and sounds. I have even used a pre-recorded loop which is the first time I've ever done that.

9/3/10 - Asia. Had a long go at this and now have a version of the whole thing. The flutes sound really glorious. May need to ponder the last section, at the moment the drums are stopping completely there.
7/3/10 - Asia. Now have this to nearly four minutes. I have to report the guitar score looks really weird, lines with numbers on, it isn't easy to see what key you're supposed to be in writing it. I suspect this isn't actually in any key but it still sounds fine.
6/3/10 - Asia. Bumped up string volume, extended notes and added slidey/echoey acoustic guitar while I was supposed to be finishing breakfast.  This is now starting to sound good. [later] Added second section, still incomplete; now have it to somewhere over two minutes. It now includes a piano, though this seems to involve a fearfully large number of samples.
5/3/10 - Asia. Well, it's coming, slowly. The koto is starting to sound tuneful. Possibly some strings required? [added later]
4/3/10 - Asia. Strange concoction, deliberately being written oddly to test the capabilities of Logic Express as well as to try and be original. Still in it's very early stages.
2/3/10 - Tune 1. Adjusted note lengths and effects.
31/1/10 - Tune 1. Remastered to remove the pause.
30/1/10 - Tune 1. I have a version of this all the way through. The mastered version has a long pause at the end for some reason. The piano could stand a bit of polishing. Sounds very pretty though.
27/1/10 - Tune 1. Added a bit more piano and a string track but no notes on it yet.
24/1/10 - Tune 1. Further work on this, still only a piano, out to about 43 seconds.
23/1/10 - Tune 1 [later renamed Idly wonder]. This is an initial experiment with Logic Express 9 and the new Macbook Pro. I'm still learning to use this setup, which is replacing Music Creator 2 on the Advent. The tune itself is a pretty sounding Piano piece, with the odd accidental. I only got a few bars of it in the first session.

The following sessions were for the CD Beach sounds.

9/1/10 - Peaceful surf and people. Completed, mastered. I resisted the tempation to wallpaper strings all over it.
7/1/10 - Peaceful surf and people. Briefly started sketching in the last section.
6/1/10 - Peaceful surf and people.  Still in 3 beat bars, still just two guitars, have possibly around three quarters of a minute of orchestration still to do.
28/12//09 - Peaceful surf and people. Now have a nice tick-tocky section lasting until about 7 minutes 24. About two and half minutes to go.
27/12/09 - Peaceful surf and people. Switched to three beat bars, still only using two guitars. This section may take a bit of getting right.
23/12/09 - Peaceful surf and people. Still working on two guitars, added another section out to around 6 minutes. Some of it may still need more work.
21/12/09 - Peaceful surf and people. Added key change and over a minute of very pretty sounding guitar loops, though some of the effects will now need changing. Still a long way to go, over 4 minutes.
19/12/09 - Peaceful surf and people. Now have both accoustic and jazz guitar to somewhere over three minutes. Beethoven could work with a single idea for eight minutes or more. It isn't as easy as it sounds(!). This piece when done will be nearly ten minutes and the longest I've done to date.
19/12/09 - Peaceful surf and people. Got to somewhere over three minutes of this. Also started adding accoustic guitar as well as the jazz guitar.

18/12/09 - People seagulls. Completed and mastered.  Peaceful surf and people. Started adding a guitar to this as I wasn't entirely happy with it as purely location sound recordings.
17/12/09 - People seagulls (again briefly). More or less finished. Koto has been changed into a trombone.
16/12/09 - People seagulls (briefly). About 9 bars to go but may have to change the koto as it sounds a bit close in tone to the accordion.
13/12/09 - People seagulls. Got quite a long way with this. The accordion with the effect on it just sounds gorgeous.
10/12/09 - People seagulls. Spent a long time editing the location sound recording and then started on the orchestration.

8/12/09 - Small waves faint people. Completed.
6/12/09 - Small waves faint people. Now scored for trumpet, fiddle and bagpipe. Have it to two minutes 43 of 3 minutes 9. 11 bars or less to go.
5/12/09 - Small waves faint people. Added two more instruments. This is very slowly coming together but will be a while yet.
4/12/09 - Small waves faint people. Started on this, eventually settled on bagpipes

22/11/09 - Waves on shingle. Done. Later parts of it are more free-flowing than usual as I was trying to trust my instincts rather than write to a regular pattern. Not mastered yet.
19/11/09 - Waves on shingle. Now have it to 2 minutes 35.
18/11/09 - Waves on shingle. Currently scored for clarinet, harp, strings and seashore. Have it to 1 minute 15 of a total  5 minutes 51 or so.
15/11/09 - Waves on shingle. Started on this, haven't got very far yet.

14/11/09 - People wind quiet seashore. Orchestration to the end, but adjustments still to be done. Close to completion. [Later completed, however the master file was later accidentally over-written. Fortunately I still have the wave file made from it which sounds ready.]
13/11/09 - People wind quiet seashore. Sitar. Strings. Now have this to about bar 50, perhaps 30-45 seconds remaining.
11/11/09 - People wind quiet seashore. Trumpet.
10/11/09 - People wind quiet seashore. Piano, flute.
9/11/09 - People wind quiet seashore. Piano, effects, recording.

7/11/09 -  Waves splashing steadily. Completed, not mastered yet.
5/11/09 - Waves splashing steadily. A lot of work on this and it is getting there. Something like half way and a bit through it.
4/11/09 - Waves splashing steadily. Imported location recording, started tinkering, haven't got very far with it yet.

2/11/09 - Waves motor boats. Completed, mastered.
1/11/09 - Waves motor boats. Harpsichord, cello, sitar, effects. Orchestrated up to 3:04 out of 4:42.

21/10/09 - Peaceful waves. Completed orchestration. Not mastered yet. [It was later.]
20/10/09 - Peaceful waves. Altered effects again. Added more sections to just over 6 minutes. Getting close to finishing orchestration.
19/10/09 - Peaceful waves. Altered effects. Added sections up to B3/B4 (around 2 minutes 30).
18/10/09 - Peaceful waves. Started with location recording. Added piano, guitar and strings. Whole thing will be nearly 7 minutes, although at present the orchestration only goes to about 2 minutes.

The following sessions were 'after' A sense of place and 'before' Beach sounds.

10/1/10 - Exhibition. This was written as backing music for a sequence of pictures taken at an exhibition which at the time was at Kelvingrove, Glasgow. Am I allowed to say that it was a Dr Who exhibition?? I tried to mix alien type sounds with more terrestrial elements to match the mix of the show. Like a lot of my more recent material it has an ambient-type feel to it.

6/9/09 - Never in the black. Completed, ready for recording. Uploaded to Senior Sounds.
5/9/09 - Never in the black.
This is a collaborative project for Senior Sounds (it isn't my lyric). Intro.

The following sessions were for the CD A sense of place.

2/7/09 - A day at the seaside. Completed. Mastered.
30/6/09 - A day at the seaside. People leaving seems to be completed although it all still needs remixing.
29/6/09 - A day at the seaside. Arcade sounds finished although the mix will need changing. This leaves the last section, People leaving.
28/6/09 - A day at the seaside. Arcade. Still writing this section. This instrumental which will finish the CD is going to sound very different to the slightly longer one that finished the last one.
27/6/09 - A day at the seaside. People, now sounds done. Two more sections.
26/6/09 - A day at the seaside. Boats now sounds more or less done. This leaves People, Arcade and People leaving.
25/6/09 - A day at the seaside. Started on the next section, Boats.
24/6/09 - A day at the seaside. Setting up sections including keys and tempo, started writing first section Early morning.
4/6/09 - A day at the seaside. Importing and setting up background sounds.

21/6/09 - Cool clear water. Not sure now many instruments to add to this though it could stay as it is now.
9/6/09 - Cool clear water. Instrumental, sounds finished-ish though strings possibly a bit heavy handed in places.

30/5/09 - Some other rainbow. A lot of work on the stressing. Inserted missing chorus. Added chorus 3 and outro. Ready to record.
28/5/09 - Some other rainbow. Now have this to the end of verse 3, one chorus and outro to go. Stressing of vocal guide needs looking at again.
27/5/09 - Some other rainbow. Verse 2.
25/6/09 - Some other rainbow. Vocal guide, sitar, piano, effects, to end of verse 1

23/5/09 - Gasworks Terrace. Ready to record although Marimba could probably stand work on effects and possibly even a patch change.
18/5/09 - Gasworks Terrace. After a long stint I now have most of it.
17/5/09 - Gasworks Terrace. Sketching out pert of the intro and the beginning of the vocal.

16/5/09 - Fort William. Completed, ready to record.
15/5/09 - Fort William. Guitar parts in last verse.
11/5/09 - Fort William. A lot of hard work got this as far as the end of Chorus 1.
10/5/09 - Fort William. Started on this but didn't get very far beyond some sketched out intro.

9/5/09 - The theme theme. Got enough to record. Intend adding recorded sounds later.
8/5/09 - The theme theme. Now have nearly all of it, though still more to do on closing vocal and outro.
7/5/09 - The theme theme. Worked like stink on this for just over an hour. Now have about half of it. It's coming out very fast and hard hitting.
27/4/09 - The theme theme. Intro, verse 1.
26/4/09 - The theme theme. Briefly started on introduction to this.

26/4/09 - Gatwick airport. Added piano (later changed to nylon string guitar), spend some time adjusting effects. Finally sounded ready to reord. Outro may not be quite right, may need to be a fade out.
25/4/09 - Gatwick airport. Now have something all the way through except the outro.
24/4/09 - Gatwick airport. Reworked verse 1 as rhythm of vocal wasn't right, started on chorus.
23/4/09 - Gatwick airport. Have something to the end of verse 1, but its all taking a while.
19/4/09 - Gatwick airport. Working on the rhythm of the bassline.

18/4/09 - One more drink. Completed guitar part, sounds ready to record.
17/4/09 - One more drink. Appear to have all of it. Added strings.
7/4/09 - One more drink. Verse 3, started on verse 4.
6/4/09 - One more drink. Now have vocal guide and piano for about three quarters of it.
5/4/09 - One more drink. Working on verse 2.
2/4/09 - One more drink. Now have about a quarter of it for vocal and piano. It's slowly developing into something quite different from the original.
1/4/09 - One more drink. Intro and part of first verse. Not at the moment sounding like the original that it's a sequel to, however I do have a different concept for the piano part.

31/3/09 - Noddledirk (oh yeah wow far out). Added trumpet and polysynth, extended middle 8, added outro. Sounds ready to record though it is very fast (170).
30/3/09 - Noddledirk (oh yeah wow far out). Vocal guide, bass, percussion, have something all the way except the outro.
29/3/09 - Noddledirk (oh yeah wow far out). Vocal guide, bass, percussion, up to near the end of verse 2, that is nearly half of it.

22/3/09 - Rocking chair blues. More adjustment of guitar part. This was immediately before recording. Percussion may not entirely sound right and may be removed later.
21/3/09 - Rocking chair blues. Tidying up guitar and percussion.
19/3/09 - Rocking chair blues. At Oona's urging I made the lyrics less comic and more dreamy, completed guitar and vocal guide, added accoustic bass and percussion. Apparently complete, ready to record.
16/3/09 - Rocking chair blues. Have the basic rhythm of it and a nice sounding guitar part.
15/3/09 - Rocking chair blues. Started on intro and part of the verse.

12/3/09(?) - A guide to the city. Completed, ready to record.
11/3/09 - A guide to the city. Verse 2, chorus 2. Coming on nicely.
9/3/09 - A guide to the city. Verse 1, chorus 1, vocal guide, piano & strings. Strongly Gilbert & Sullivan influenced, although also distinctively me.
8/3/09 - A guide to the city. Very brief sketching of the introduction. 

6/3/09 - Arctic wind (briefly). Pretty much done, not sure about part of it shortly after bar 39.
3/3/09 - Arctic wind. Sounds to be approaching completion, assuming it is to be purely synthesised.

25/2/09 - Saltcoats in my mind. Completed, ready to record. This is Oona's song. Sounds dreamy and hypnotically haunting. Arctic wind. Beginning, haven't got much of it yet, still experimenting.
23/2/09 - Saltcoats in my mind. Chorus 1, verse 2, chorus 2.
22/2/09 - Saltcoats in my mind. Intro, verse 1. Piano, trumpet, bongos, vocal guide.

21/2/09 - The easy to assemble furniture flatpack blues. Added flute part. Now sounds ready to record although some parts of guitar might get changed later. (Later) added middle 8, trumpet and effects. Ready to record.
20/2/09 - The easy to assemble furniture flatpack blues. I was still unhappy with the key change so I took it out and rewrote the offending parts, also slightly altered part of the lyric. Now sounds close to finished.
18/2/09 - The easy to assemble furniture flatpack blues. Stressing sounds much better. Not sure about the key change in 1C/2C though, may take it out and redo all in the same key.
17/2/09 - The easy to assemble furniture flatpack blues. Slowly and methodically piecing together verse 1C (later) now have something almost all the way through but the usual stressing issues remaining in the second half
15/2/09 - The easy to assemble furniture flatpack blues. Verse 1B.
14/2/09 - The easy to assemble furniture flatpack blues. Intro, verse 1A.

12/2/09 - Hallelujah, praise the Lord. Ready to record.
8/2/09 - Hallelujah, praise the Lord. Now have something all the way through except the outro. Still working on trumpet part.
7/2/09 - Hallelujah, praise the Lord. Exotic sounding track. Intro, started on verse 1.

6/2/09 - The shoes blues. Sorted out stressing. Completed, ready to record.
5/2/09 - The shoes blues. Effects, 2nd iteration, middle 8, 3rd iteration. Some of it sounds very pretty although it may have some stressing issues.
2/2/09 - The shoes blues. Strict classic blues format song, though I now intend doing it as tragic in spite of the lyric. First of the four iterations.

25/1/09 - Reasonable. Ready to record, although I'm not wild about some of the stressing.
22/1/09 - Reasonable. Verse 1 sounds complete, started on middle 8.
21/1/09 - Reasonable. Two sessions, well into verse 1.
19/1/09 - Reasonable. Intro, started on verse 1.

18/1/09 - Fine. Complete, ready to record.
16/1/09 - Fine. Verse 2. Started trying to fix a rhythm problem.
15/1/09 - Fine. Verse 1, chorus 1, verse 2 trailer.
13/1/09 - Fine. Verse 1. Sounds classical and elaborate.
12/1/09 - Fine. Ambitious concept, by my standards experimental. Heavily classically influenced. Working on intro.

10/1/09 - A little chat. Completed, ready for recording. Sounds much better. (later) minor edits (note lengths).
8/1/09 - A little chat. Reworked beginning of chorus, started adding guitar. Starting to sound convincing.
7/1/09 - A little chat. Added bass part to verse. Still not convinced about beginning of chorus.
6/1/09 - A little chat. Had something of a struggle with the chorus but now sounding a lot better. Still very spartan, needs more instrument tracks added.
5/1/09 - A little chat. Verse 1 completed (vocal guide, piano and drum).
28/12/08 - A little chat. Verse 1. Sounds very pretty, albeit rather sarcastic.

The following sessions were 'after' Introspection but 'before' A sense of place.

22/12/08 - Meditation No.2 in G for harpsichord and flute. Adding flute part.
21/12/08 - Meditation No.2 in G for solo harpsichord. Completed as it was originally conceived, as a solo piece.
19/12/08 - Meditation No.2 in G for solo harpsichord. Approaching the end of this, it'll be about two and a half minutes.
14/8/08 - Meditation No.2 in G for solo harpsichord. Now have about 1 minute 12 of this though it is very highly structured.
11/8//08 - Meditation No.2 in G for solo harpsichord. Much better.

10/8/08 - Meditation in B flat for solo harpsichord. Inspired by the Finchcocks musical museum. Not sure if I'll use it, looks like a good candidate for the miscellaneous page at the moment.

The following sessions were for the CD Introspection.

9/8/08 - The end of creation. Quantum physics, the final calm. Completed, around 9 minutes.
8/8/08 - The end of creation. The dark era.
7/8/08 - The end of creation. Black holes.
4/8/08 - The end of creation. The last starlight. This section sounds really beautiful and takes the piece to about 5 minutes.
3/8/08 - The end of creation. Galaxies collide, the sun explodes. Now have it to 3 minutes 30. (Later) Degeneracy.
2/8/08 - The end of creation. Strings, effects.
1/8/08 - The end of creation. Added strings
30/7/08 - The end of creation. Lament of lost souls, life dwindles.
24/7/08 - The end of creation. Lament of lost souls.
22/7/08 - The end of creation. The final crisis.
21/7/08 - The end of creation. Civilisation, doom approaches.
20/7/08 - The end of creation. Intro.

19/7/08 - Creation. Clockwork, into the future. Nearing completion. Parts of the vocal guide may need twiddling. (Later) Dust to dust, outro. Complete, though parts of vocal still don't quite sound right.
17/7/08 - Creation. Order from chaos, shrinking gases, birth of stars. Now have it to 1 minute 30 which is around 60% of the lyric. (Later) Clockwork.
15/7/08 - Creation. Order from chaos
14/7/08 - Creation. Intro, big bang, order from chaos. This is a fascinating one to write due to the subject matter.
13/7/08 - Creation. Very early work on intro.

12/7/08 - Table polishing for dogs. Some additional work especially on outro.
10/7/08 - Table polishing for dogs. Probably ready to record.
8/7/08 - Table polishing for dogs. Chorus 1, verse 2. Effects. Now have it to about 1 minute 34.
7/7/08 - Table polishing for dogs. Intro, verse 1.
6/708 - Table polishing for dogs. chorus 1.

5/7/08 - Too late. Chorus 3, improving rhythm. Ready to record.
2/7/08 - Too late. Middle 8, verse 3. Needs a click track to get the rhythm right, I'll do that later
1/7/08 - Too late. Chorus 2.
30/6/08 - Too late. Chorus 1, verse 2. Still sounds fantastic.
29/6/08 - Too late. Intro, verse 1. Though I say it myself it sounds really beautiful.

28/6/08 - Think of something else. Middle 8 to end. Ready to record though highly likely to have orchestration changes during editing.
27/6/08 - Think of something else. Brief session working on middle 8.
26/6/08 - Think of something else. Chorus 1 (which I wasn't entirely happy with), verse 2. Middle 8. Still being careful and methodical.
25/6/08 - Think of something else. Chorus 1.
24/6/08 - Think of something else. Chorus 1. Still sounds fine.
17/6/08 - Think of something else. Verse 1. All seems to be falling into place quite smoothly.
16/6/08 - Think of something else. Very briefly worked on intro and beginning of verse. Very jazzy sounding thing.

14/6/08 - JFDI. Verse 4, outro. Ready for recording.
12/6/08 - JFDI. Verse 3, new middle 8.
10/6/08 - JFDI. Verses 1&2. Had a problem with the rhythm of the vocal but I sorted it.
9/6/08 - JFDI. Intro, verse 1. Sounds more disco than march at the moment.

24/5/08 - Me and you. Another wrestle with it mainly to improve the melodic line of the vocal. Sounds better. Added outro. Ready to record.
23/5/08 - Me and you. Now have it all the way to the end of verse 2 i.e. all except the outro, but feel vaguely dissatisfied with it... maybe its just me.
22/5/08 - Me and you. Middle 8.
20/5/08 - Me and you. Verse 1, middle 8.
19/5/08 - Me and you. Verse 1.
17/5/08 - Me and you. Intro/verse 1, vocal and piano. A long way to go.

16/5/08 - God (did you do it right). Have enough to record including outro featuring Hell. Not entirely sold on orchestration which is a little sketchy in places. Will need experimenting with during recording to find the best delivery.
15/5/08 - God (did you do it right). Now have nearly all of it.
14/5/08 - God (did you do it right). Brief work on chorus.
13/5/08 - God (did you do it right). Have it to about the end of verse 1 at about 49 seconds.
11/5/08 - God (did you do it right). Working on intro, having been inspired by fragments of distant music heard while sitting out in the garden.

10/5/08 - I wish. There was an awful lot of work still to do and Sunday was looming rather large, so I worked like stink for about 90 minutes and got it ready to record. The orchestration is still a bit sketchy and I can see this changing before it reaches the final version.
8/5/08 - I wish. Now have it to the end of chorus 1. However it's heading for around 3 minutes 45 so I may speed it up a bit, or even cut a verse entirely, though that would spoil the flow of the lyrics.
6/5/08 - I wish. Working on verse 1. Made harder by the fact that I had preconceived ideas about the backing
5/5/08 - I wish. Short session working on the intro and starting on verse 1.

1/5/08 - Tragic. Chorus, verse 2. Very nearly ready to record, could stand some strings in the outro.
29(?)/4/08 - Tragic. Nearly got it to the end of Chorus 1.
23/4/08 - Tragic. This is going quite quickly. Got it to the end of chorus 1 except for some missing guitar.
22/4/08 - Tragic. Started on this one, got some of the backing and some of the verse.

19(?)/4/08 - Going. Completed.
16/4/08 - Going. Now have it to the end of chorus 1, after a false start with part of it until I suddenly realised what I ought to be doing with it.
15/4/08 - Going. Still working on chorus 1.
14/4/08 - Going. Started on chorus 1.
13/4/08 - Going. Just starting on this. Got the basis for the first verse.

12/4/08 - Toleration. Sorting out the rhythm and the drums. Ready to record.
11/4/08 - Toleration. Long session, now have most of it.
10/4/08 - Toleration. Working on (long) middle 8. Have something like a third of it. Total at present about 1 minute 18.
7/4/08 - Toleration. Got most of the first verse. Just drums and various sorts of guitar so far, plus a vocal guide.
6/4/08 - Toleration. Started on this and got the basis for it. Essentially much simpler than a lot of recent songs I've done.

5/4/08 - You thought, I thought. Two long sessions. Lots of effects. Ready to record.
3/4/08 - You thought, I thought. Chorus including sorting out rhythm and starting to add backin.
2/4/08 - You thought, I thought. Short session working on vocal guide for Chorus.
31/3/08 - You thought, I thought. Have most of first verse.
30/3/08 - You thought, I thought. Piano, vocal guide, guitar (which quickly changed into bowed glass). Intro and vocal guide for one verse.

29/3/08 - Cough up. Should be done though could probably stand another instrument. Ready to record. Still vaguely uneasy about the middle 8.
28/3/08 - Cough up. Long session. More or less have it though still missing an outro.
27/3/08 - Cough up. Have vocal guide, drums and piano as far as the end of chorus 1.
26/3/08 - Cough up. Piano, trumpet, drums, vocal guide. Now have what I think is verse 1 which ends around 33 seconds. I appear to have 3 verses and choruses, but the lyric will need tidying up so it's hard to be categoric.
17/3/08 - Cough up. Working on verse 1. Far too much lyric, lots of it will have to be ditched. Will be difficult to record.
16/3/08 - Cough up. Very preliminary session, small amount of intro done.

15/3/08 - Basic BASIC. Long session. Song completed. Various parts added including new Sitar part in places. Speeded up outro section, undoubtedly Beatle influenced but there you go... ready for recording.
14/3/08 - Basic BASIC. Chorus 1.
13/3/08 - Basic BASIC. Had a long tinker with version 2 of this as I still wasn't happy. Replace Sitar with Fantasia. Added Piano. Changed effects. Now sounds much better.
12/3/08 - Basic BASIC.  Wasn't really happy with it so have redone sitar and changed santur into synth bass.
10/3/08 - Basic BASIC. Intro, verse 1. Drums, sitar, vocal guide.

8/3/08 - Only me. (AM) added flute. Have something all the way through apart from the outro but still some way to go.
(PM) replaced bass guitar with pizzicato strings. Added trumpet. Filled out 2nd half. Added outro. Ready to record though will be difficult to do, very demanding.
7/3/08 - Only me. Added bassoon. Now have about half of it minus some orchestration. Have avoided strings up to now.  but they may be unavoidable in the 2nd and 3rd sections of each half. 
6/3/08 - Only me. Have piano, percussion and two vocals for the first half but bass for only part of it. A lot more orchestration still required. Whole thing looks like being around four minutes.
5/3/08 - Only me. Short session. The lyric is divided into two halves, each in four blocks. Working on 2nd block of first half.
3/3/08 - Only me. Now have it to the end of verse 1 but not necessarily complete orchestration. Having said that, the structure is somewhat irregular.
1/3/08 - Only me. Bucket loads of lyrics to this one, so even at 120bpm will be some trick to get through them all.

1/3/08 - Organic Jack. Lots of work on strings. A little piano. Outro. Ready to record though appears highly likely to be changed again later. Sounds very pretty and wistful.
28/2/08 - Organic Jack. A basic orchestration of this is nearing completion, and close to ready for a vocal recording. It still needs some strings adding to part of it, and the finished orchestration is likely to contain more instruments.
24/2/08 - Organic Jack. This appears to be heading for verse-chorus-middle 8-verse-chorus. Done verse 1, working on chorus 1. Sounds very nice.
21/2/08 - Organic Jack. Started again as I wasn't happy with the previous version. This sounds a lot more convincing but still working on verse 1.
22/12/07 - Organic Jack. Added drums and trumpet. This track is still in its early stages.
10/12/07 - Organic Jack. Now have about a verse of it, but hard to say as original lyric is unstructured.
6/12/07 - Organic Jack. Intro and part of verse 1, but very early beginnings.

The following sessions were 'after' Mustn't grumble but 'before' Introspection.

7/2/08 - Christmas Spirit. Reworked Gallop 2 so it follows on more logically and fits better.
25/11/07-6/2/08 - Christmas spirit. Instrumental only, written to accompany a family video. Just under 8 minutes long. Some of it sounds glorious, but the pictures are what will hold it together, it may sound odd without them. I may include it as a bonus track on a future CD. It took weeks of work to get the basic piece but that still leaves a lot of tweaking and polishing to do. The later parts are better than the earlier ones so some of it may need reworking.

11/9/07 - Let's do something now. (Early evening) Working on chorus 2. Chorus now sounds glorious but not really convinced about the verse. (Late evening) modified buzz bass including first use of MjRotoDelay. Sounds finished, ready for vocal. Likely to be recorded 16/9/07.
10/9/07 - Let's do something now. Working on orchestration. Used Glaceverb piano/ensemble setiting to add a 'fake' backing - the first time I've done that. Now have it more or less up to the end of verse 2, though more orchestration needed in verse 2
8/9/07 - Let's do something now. Short session working on Chorus 1 and starting on verse 2.
6/9/07 - Let's do something now. Have some of it up to the end of Chorus 1 but some orchestration missing including some drums.
5/9/07 - Let's do something now. This is for a competition. Working on intro and verse 1, long long way to go. Not due till some time in October.

The following sessions were original orchestration sessions for Mustn't grumble.

1/9/07 - The end. More or less finished, probably missing some drums in the last verse. May get more orchestration later but there should be enough to record a vocal.
31/8/07 - The end. Added choir on verse 2. Changed reverb on choir, added offset. Now have it up to end of verse 2 (2 minutes 19). One more verse of original lyric to go but have now written more lyric that seems to want to go on the end. I can see this one running to five minutes or more when complete.
30/8/07 - The end (short session early evening) added choir part to verse 1. Now have it up to end of verse 1 though backing still doesn't sound complete. (Long session late evening) working on verse 2 have most of that though missing choir.
20/8/07 - The end. Working on first verse. Backing still very spartan.
18/8/07 - The end. Intro done, though probably not complete.
17/8//07 - The end. Working on intro.

16/8/07 - Doom is nigh. Completed. Good outro. Ready to record. Duration just over 3 minutes.
15/8/07 - Doom is nigh. Approaching completion. Last Trump audible increasingly insistently as it goes on.
13/8/07 - Doom is nigh (two sessions). Have it to the end of chorus two, and though I say it myself it sounds absolutely amazing.

9/8/07 - (I hate) that bloody tree (two sessions). Have it up to the end of verse 3, May need speeding up. May sound a bit too samey. Heading for a round four minutes long as it stands.
6/8/07 - (I hate) that bloody tree. Reworked as it just didn't sound right. Changed instruments. Junked intro and re-did it. Sounded a lot better. Started on chorus.
5/8/07 - (I hate) that bloody tree. Intro, verse 1, clarinet, strings, vocal guide. Sounds very orchestral.

4/8/07 - Fifteen hundred quid. Done, albeit not with many instruments. Ready for a vocal. Likely to have more backing added at a later date.
30/7/07 - Fifteen hundred quid. Now have most of this though flute and vocal still sound to be clashing a bit. Apart from that, sounds very pretty.
29/7/07 - Fifteen hundred quid. Long session produced most of the orchestration of a verse and a chorus trailer. Very orchestral. Deliberately more intricate than a lot of the other songs.

28/7/07 - We've got lots of money (and you haven't). Long session. Apparently completed, ready for vocal.
26/7/07 - We've got lots of money (and you haven't). Changed guitar to I think choir (tried several things). Put in verse 2 and chorus 2. Lots of strings in verse 2. Now sounding a lot better. One verse and chorus to go.
25/7/07 - We've got lots of money (and you haven't). Short session. Adjusted vocal guide at end of first verse. Sketched out chorus.
24/7/07 - We've got lots of money (and you haven't). Adjusted bandoneon and guitar rhythms. Completed verse 1 though could do with more backing.
23/7/07 - We've got lots of money (and you haven't). Long go at finding right instruments and effects for the basis of the backing. Section of vocal guide. Have most of the song to part way through the first verse.
22/7/07 - We've got lots of money (and you haven't). Preliminary go at intro with a couple of instruments.

21/7/07 - Let's all have a party. Completed, including outro. Sounds done, ready for vocal.
20/7/07 - Let's all have a party. More work on the chorus which now sounds done. Have it up to the end of chorus 1 (53 seconds).
19/7/07 - Let's all have a party. Altered effects which were using a lot of processor power. Added modified sine wave to verse. Added chorus with guitar part.

17/7/07 - Let's all have a party. Tune in verse still didn't sound right, rewrote it.
10/7/07 - Let's all have a party. Up to end of first verse though melodic line of vocal may need altering and probably more backing needs to go in.

7/7/07 - Now and zen. I'm tempted to say the usual Saturday finishing off session - it's ready to record a vocal.
5/7/07 - Now and zen. Worked on chorus. Added sitar. Have most of it out to about 56 seconds.
3/7/07 - Now and zen. Very long session on this including altering the syth settings on Triangle II. Starting to come but it's very slow.
1/7/07 - Now and zen. Tentative early attempt at part of this.

30/6/07 - Cheerful news. Got the whole lot including a very nice middle 8, but may need more orchestration.
29/6/07 - Cheerful news. Short session working on chorus 2.
28/6/07 - Cheerful news. Improved chorus. Added reverb envelopes. (Later) added second verse.
27/6/07 - Cheerful news. Up to the end of chorus 1 though may add more instruments.
26/6/07 - Cheerful news. Have intro, verse and part of chorus 1.
25/6/07 - Cheerful news. Part of percussion. Part of vocal rhythm.
23/6/07 - Cheerful news. Started on an intro, a newsy sounding thng. Very long way to go with this one.

23/6/07 - Gas board lamentAltered piano part.
19/6/07 - Gas board lament. Added horn and piano, changed rhythm of vocal to make it flow more smoothly.
18/6/07 - Gas board lament. Getting close to completion.
17/6/07 - Gas board lament. Slow, sounds like a haunting piece of film soundtrack. Unfortunately I'll have to cut bucketloads of lyric to avoid it being too long.

16/6/07 - Goodbye tomorrow. Long session, then a shorter one. Now sounds about ready for a vocal.
15/6/07 - Goodbye tomorrow. Still working on chorus. It's getting there slowly, but I can't see the whole thing being ready for a vocal by Sunday.
14/6/07 - Goodbye tomorrow. Started on chorus. Got a lot of it but still more to do.
13/6/07 - Goodbye tomorrow. Added some strings. It finally seems to be coming together.
12/6/07 - Goodbye tomorrow. Slow going. Appear to have most of it to the end of the first verse.
10/6/07 - Goodbye tomorrow. Short session. Partway through first verse.
9/6/07 - Goodbye tomorrow. Short session. Amended electric piano. Started on vocal guide.
6/6/07 - Goodbye tomorrow. Started an intro for this. Not sure it will come out anything like this.

5/6/07 - Not a sales call. Added jazz guitar. Amended and extended trumpet part. Completed orchestration all the way through, sounds ready for a vocal.
22/5/07 - Not a sales call. Now have this up to the end of chorus 2, 1 verse & chorus to go. Some alterations to vocal guide to improve the rhythm of it.
17/5/07 - Not a sales call (which was going to be called Double glazing). First use of JX10 synth. Intro, verse and vocal guide for chorus. Sounds very synthy.

15/5/07 - My absent mind. Short session. Now have an outro. Sounds ready for a vocal. May need mix alterations.
14/5/07 - My absent mind. Worked on the chorus which now sounds quite a bit better.
13/5/07 - My absent mind. Now structured as two long verses with one 'chorus' between them, however I doubt I'll put a second chorus in, it will probably go straight to an outro. Sounds somewhat 21st century and starting to sound very pretty.
12/5/07 - My absent mind. Another short session working on the chorus.
11/5/07 - My absent mind. Short session starting on chorus.
9/5/07 - My absent mind. Partial orchestration as far as the end of verse 1. First track to use Superwave P8 synthesiser.

8/5/07 - 120 bricks. Altered chorus vocal guide. Added about 11 seconds (later changed to 18 seconds) of a recording made at Hampton Court. Should now be ready to record vocal. First track to use Triangle II synthesiser.
5/5/07 - 120 bricks. Altered synth settings for bass. Minor lyric alteration. Outro now complete, although will include spoken backing vocal when complete.
28/4/07 - 120 bricks. Now appear to have all of it apart from the outro.
26/4/07 - 120 bricks. Working on the chorus. Also added a couple of quiet bars to break it up a bit.
25/4/07 - 120 bricks. Short session . Some of the chorus done. Parts of it may need remixing or reworking.
24/4/07 - 120 bricks. Approaching the end of verse 1. Sounds very snappy and modernistic, like the art work it describes, which of course was the intention.
23/4/07 - 120 bricks. Intro plus two lines of 1st verse.

21/4/07 - Footsteps in the hall. Now have what sounds like the complete backing, up to but not including the outro. The intention is to incorporate sound recordings into this outro. (Later) completed outro, using 33 seconds of the about 38 minutes of sound recordings made at Druscillas. Parts of the backing could probably stand reworking. Might need to think about tempo.
20/4/07 - Footsteps in the hall. Started on middle 8. Will be 3 minutes up to end of middle 8 at present tempo.
19/4/07 - Footsteps in the hall. Second verse now looks complete.
18/4/07 - Footsteps in the hall. Completed first chorus. Started on second verse.
17/4/07 - Footsteps in the hall. Have one verse and some of one chorus. Apparently nearly complete as far as there. Sounds very pretty.

23/4/07 - Be nice to spiders. Finally added a short outro. Had forgotten how pretty this song sounded. This is now ready for recording the vocal.
12/4/07 - Be nice to spiders. Added middle 8 after second verse. Total length now 2:38 plus (unwritten) outro.
9/4/07 - Be nice to spiders. (Lunchtime) 3/4 time i.e. waltz. Up to end of verse 1A, some of it up to end of verse 1B. Sounds very pretty. (Mid-evening) now have something all the way to the end except for the outro, though still needs more work. Still sounds pretty.

6/4/07 - Let's stop whinging. (Mid morning) Up to end of chorus 1 ie 55 seconds, completed strings, added trumpet and electric (jazz) guitar. Apart from not having a vocal, and possibly some minor mixing issues, now sounds complete up to there. (Lunchtime) vocal guide, bass guitar and jazz guitar for middle 8. (afternoon)  verse 2 added (early evening) chorus 2 added, whole thing sounds complete and ready for voca recordingl. 1 minute 55.
5/4/07 - Let's stop whinging. Worked out bass guitar part up to the end of the first chorus. Strings still on mute. Was pondering trying to work an electric guitar in, very unusual for me to use that but there you are. --- Later that night, put the strings back in and did some work on them, when I really should have been in bed :-/
3/4/07 (late evening) - Let's stop whinging. Finally getting somewhere with this. Rhythm vastly better since most lines set to start half a beat before the bars end. Now have vocal guide and drums to the end of chorus 1.
3/4/07 (early evening)- Let's stop whinging. This is slow going. The drum rhythm sounds good, the vocal rhythm is fairly good though still not 100% sold on it. Have sidelined bass and strings for now, will come back to them. Have vocal guide and drum to the end of verse 1.
2/4/07 - Let's stop whinging. Didn't get very far with it, huge amount of work still to do.

The following sessions were before work on Mustn't grumble started.

30/3/07 - Christmas now and then. Altered effect and velocity settings for drums.
29/3/07 - Christmas now and then. Added clarinet, piccolo and drums plus altered effects.
28/3/07 -  Christmas now and then. Backing now sounds complete, ready for vocal recording.