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Let's stop whinging - Highly Commended Entry 2007
I hate Christmas - Participant 2007
Doom is nigh - Commended Entry 2007
Cheerful news - Commended Entry 2008
Let's all have a party - Semi-Finalist 2008
Tragic - Commended Entry 2009
Think of something else - Commended Entry 2009
The end of creation - Semi-Finalist 2009
A day at the seaside 5 Commended Entry 2010
Rocking chair blues 5 Commended Entry 2010
Gasworks terrace 3 Participant 2010
Waves splashing steadily 5 Commended Entry 2011
Peaceful surf and people 5 Commended Entry 2011
Waves on shingle 6 Commended Entry 2011
Eastern mist 6 Commended Entry 2012
Bittersweet 5 Commended Entry 2012
Farewell words 6 Commended Entry 2012
Sod off [lyric only] 6 Commended Entry 2012
Time out 6 Commended Entry 2013
Baldalay 6 Commended Entry 2013
Time passing backwards 5 Commended Entry 2013
Walking the frog 6 Commended Entry 2014
The Englebert Humperdinck of it all 5 Commended Entry 2014
Bananas 6 Commended Entry 2014
Cotton fields 4 Commended Entry 2015
I wouldn't know 5 Commended Entry 2015
Numpty of the year 4 Commended Entry 2015
Was that it? 5 Commended Entry 2016
Let it go 6 Commended Entry 2016
Security briefing 5 Commended Entry 2016
Higher Commended Entry
Commended Entry
I dreamed (I'd say I love you)
Higher Commended Entry
I dreamed (I'd say I love you)
Let your hair down
Commended Entry
Clarkson River
Commended Entry
You hurt me

(results due around October)

(results due around October)
Against the light

(results due around October)

For an explanation of UK Songwriting Contest scoring, see http://www.songwritingcontest.co.uk/scores.html.

These two song reviews (below) were submitted some time ago by broadjam members who heard them there. 
The versions they heard were early ones that were later edited. 
After this something seemed to go wrong with the review mechanism on the site and I didn't seen any later reviews there.

Market potential 17/30 57%
  • Love your scrooge energy with the perfect accent
  • Finally an honest song. A great mind thinks alike.
  • It's about time some took these Xmas fascists to task
  • I think it's funny, I hope you aren't offending too many people
  • Musical arrangement was not as strong as the lyric
  • Some backing vocals would be nice
  • It would be great to hear a choir do this
  • He knows what he hates [referring to me]
  • The joke didn't work for me personally. Perhaps it lacked self-deprecation
Lyrics 21/30 70%
Originality 23/30 77%
Hook 11/20 55%
Instrumentation 19/30 63%
Arrangement 17/30 57%
Vocal 13/25 52%
Recording 19/30 63%
Hear more? 17/30 57%
Overall 18/30 60%

Market potential 4/10 40%
  • Comical song, very funny, very passionate. VERY original and different. Would be good for a movie or TV show. Like the British accent.
  • Not my cup of tea, but I still had to listen, so that's good enough for me
  • [under constructive comments] I'm not going to whinge

This song won a highly commended entry award at the 2007 UK songwriting contest and narrowly missed qualifying for the semi-finals.
Lyrics 8/10 80%
Originality 9/10 90%
Hook 7/10 70%
Instrumentation 5/10 50%
Arrangement 5/10 50%
Vocal 6/10 60%
Recording 7/10 70%
Hear more? 7/10 70%
Overall 7/10 70%

Later comments by a lyricist who was at the time commercially signed:
"Nice orchestration, how the lyrics inspired such lovely music amazed me."

Still later comments received via the website Number One Music, though I can't be certain that
they're all genuine:

"I'm really enjoying listening to your music. I'll send a link to your page to all my friends."
"Hey, your music is really good, i'm listening to a lot of genres as long as it's good"

"Let the light shine your way and the stars guide your steps. You definitely have a lot of talent."

"hey, i really love your sound, its fresh and comforting and i loved it the minute i heard."

"Hi, in a musical world influenced by everything from it's past and confused about it's future. you have crated an originally addictive genre, desperate to emerge and beautiful to behold..."

"Really digg your soundz ! Wicked stuff!OMG!! Your tunes are awesome!!!
"Angel" love it!!!"
(Now ask yourself, would I really make that one up??)
"Great to see some new talent coming in that does not come from a reality show.
Love the Music!"
"Excellent compositions. I listen to tunes with pleasure..."
[that was it, it just ended with the dots]
"Hi!!! I LOVE IT !!! i've discovered you on the numberonemusic charts since this time i can't spend a day without your sound !"

"Awesome music!!!!! HUGE fan here!!!!!!!"

"Your music is great. I just thought I had to let you know. I truly love it. Keep it up. P.S. How to download more music or where can I buy it???"
[er, try downloading it for nothing?]
"Hey! You are so awesome My fav music ever iwill add you on fb"

"Really love the tunes, i need your music to relieve the stress of everyday life."
"luv ur music ur nu fan"

"i cant stop listening to "What it feels like". help! please add more"

"hey I luv all ur music but funny is my fav!"

"I here Funny, 3 times a day. What's with that?? lol. I love it!!!"